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April and May in Corfu ? It's a kind of magic

NOTE : English is not my mother tongue, please forgive me for the spelling and grammatical mistakes of this little article.

During the past few years I always went in Corfu as soon as Ryanair was flying from Belgium. This year, the low-cost airline opened its Charleroi-Corfu service earlier. I was then so happy to rejoin the Seahorse Villa on April 3rd. As soon as I landed on the island of my heart, I was absolutely amazed by the blossoming nature, the absence of mosquitoes and the general feeling of well being. Everything is absolutely beautiful and the few opened places around the Island were coping with a high demand. Corfu : when will you figure out that the demand of tourism is for the whole year long ?

I was fortunate enough to go from Perethia to the top of Pantokrator mountain back and forth in 4,5 hours (including drone time, filming, stops and photos). I was really happy to get the Kayak out of his box, pump it up and go for a small sea ballad (and it was wavy). I had the pleasure to discover a restaurant I've never been to... Kassiopi was stunning and very welcoming.

Strong winds in Kassiopi

What a nice moment we had with Jeremy and Valérie, my friendly couples who shared the stay with me. As we came back from the ballad we were thinking of going to Acharavi to be sure we would find a place to eat in. Fortunately, Dina from Taverna Evdokia made a us a sign and said it was ok to eat. And what a warm welcome ! Dina fixed us a beautiful plate of Gyros on charcoal, grilled home garlic bread, feta from her father's production, local baklava, homemade limonade, fresh water, all of that served with a very honest smile and a price that was less than 15€ per person. I am really picky in terms of restaurant and I must say that it deserves 100% of its 5 stars.

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