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Hiking from Old Perethia to Pantokrator top • Stairway to heaven

I made the shots (they are far from perfect as my editing software was still not totally under my control and skills, but I will get better at it) but I also composes the music ;-)

1. Go by car to the Old Perethia :

• Park where the other cars are ;

• Bring plenty of water ;

• Keep in mind that it takes at least 2 hours to go at the top of Pantokrator (bring water) ;

• It’s 10 degrees colder at the top;

• Bring good shoes;

• Bring your googles (you can borrow the two pairs under the tv);

2. Let's start walking :

Once you are in Perethia, you turn left at the church bell on go on that path for 500 m and you’ll see an arrow with “Pantokrator” written on it. Follow the marked stones to the top. You’ll have plenty of nice spots to stop by, among them is the hunter hut where you can take dramatic shots of the area. It's stunning and absolutely priceless. So you were thinking about doing this in 90 minutes ? Impossible as it doesn't take the time admiring at the landscapes you'll cross on this hike.

3. Take your time in Pantokrator.

The last part to Pantokrator is the normal road and yes it's painful in the end, but once you'll get there you'll feel rewarded. Project Corfu wrote this : The church of " High or Great Pantokrator " was built in 6855 " since the creation of the world" or in 1347 AD , in accordance with the founding of the monastery is preserved in the State Archives parchment N. Corfu. Residents of 23 villages of Mount took the decision to build the monastery. This took place between the years 1343-1347. Since then, the monastery became an attraction and point of reference in the region. The present church is the oldest restored form, placed in 17 th century. The rate of single-aisled vaulted church is flanked by outbuildings attached to the north and south side. On the walls of the church are preserved frescoes are the 17 th and 14 th century. And within it there are pictures of Ionian style and wonderful silver sacred vessels. The monastery celebrates on 6 August, the feast of the Transfiguration. In depth and at the foot of the mountain is the remarkable historical traditional village (the old village) Sinies with wonderful historic churches and traditional buildings.

4. Back to Old Perethia : time to visit this amazing little village, buy honey and get a meal

One of the island’s most unique places to visit on the island. A Village of Venetian origin that was once a hideaway from pirates, was all but deserted, reclaimed and protected by nature. Since 2010 it’s been lovingly and gently coming back to life. Potted History | 1357 to 2022 This historic ‘Heritage Protected’ village of Paleá (Old) Períthia is situated in the north-east corner of the island, just beneath the highest mountain, Mount Pantokrator. It is the oldest permanently inhabited settlement in Corfu, with records dating back to the 14th century. Once the wealthiest village on the island, by the mid 17th century there were 130 houses of Venetian origin, built entirely by hand surrounded by 8 churches. Originally the village acted as a hideaway from pirate attacks on the island during summer months, ‘to see the sea but not be seen‘. Then in the 1960s with the onset of tourism the inhabitants drifted back down to the coast. From 2010 until today, as the village begun its journey back to life, it continues to be loved by locals & visitors alike. As night falls, a gentle peace descends over the village, and there beneath the unpolluted night sky nestled in the palm of the island’s highest mountain, is silence. Only occasionally interrupted by the lullaby of natures song.

My favorite taverna in Old Perethia is Taverna Evdokia

Taverna Evdokia is ran by Dina and her husband. But let's be honest, she does it all (like often in Corfu I think women do work more and actually better and they deserve credits for many more things than men !). Dina offers homegrown products and you won't be disappointed. She is a very welcoming person and not in a way that you feel like customer. When you go there, you feel like a guest.

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