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May in Corfu was my favorite trip is a long time and this is why

Well yes, I wanted to go straight to the point in this article. And yes I was blessed with the weather on the island. In 5 days, me and my friend Jeremy have done so much that it felt like it was more than a week on site.

I must be honest : Once you’re the owner of such a place, you easily get overwhelmed with stress. Most of the people think it’s all about getting good times and enjoy the sun. It is not. It’s a constant tension, it’s an investment, both financially and physically, it’s a time eater and one thing that it is not for sure is a cash machine. You try to cope with the way the islanders are, the famous « siga siga » way of thinking but what you want more than ever is to be performant in improving guests’ experience.

The amazing 300% rise of energy on the island and elsewhere is absolutely killing people and the businesses. And running a house is a real job after the one I have. Hopefully for me, people like Jeremy and Arnaud helped me in the current past so that 2022 is definitely the best time to rent the house. Guests now have a brand new pergola, new plants, new top mattresses, new lighting systems, new umbrellas and so on...

In the end, don't lose too much time and seriously think about booking the villa for May 2023 as people already ask for prices for summer 2023. By the way, the house has still 15 open days from Sept 10th to Sept 25th ;-)

Cheers !

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