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October in Corfu ? Last chance for Indian Summer

(AS A STARTER : ENGLISH IS NOT MY MOTHER TONGUE) (Photos of this article were shot by Jeremy Jamar) I was asked many times about my favorite time period in Corfu.

Although it is hard to compare, I think May is amazing moment to enjoy the lush landscapes the island has to offer. But one thing that is still quite better in October : the sea temperature.

October 2022 still has plenty of rooms to spare at the Seahorse Villa, moreover it's still based on the 2021 prices which don't take the increased roberries performed by DEYAK and DEI about the water and electricity bills (5.000€ in total for 2021). One thing you should consider with coming in Corfu in October is to have a plan for your everyday visits. Things you cannot do over the summer because the heat is too high. One of them to be consider is to visit the beautifully amazing Angelo Castro ruins above Paleo :

It's quite a drive (above 50 minutes to get there) from the villa but it's worth it.

This is a viewpoint with a view to Angelokastro, a Byzantine castle on the highest peak of Corfu’s shoreline near Paleokastritsa and stands 305 metres (1,000 feet) high. You can take in the view from afar or take the trek to see the castle up close and personal.

On the way back ? Maybe try to cross North West plains to Agios Stephanos and go to Cape Drastis

On the northwest side of Corfu is Cape Drastis Scenic View, which looks over beautiful white/grey cliffs and clear blue water. From the car park to the viewpoint is about a 10-minute walk.

One of the wildest place in Corfu is Cape Drastis. This cape is located in the northwestern part of the island in the area of ​​Peroulades. The coastline from Sidari to Peroulades stands out for unique beauties, even though I actually hate Sidari which is a booze camp full of bars and English breakdasts places. But Agios Stephanos (NW) and Cape Drastis both deserve a 5 stars for their wilderness and October might be the best time to visit because the area will be way quiter. It's steep cliffs and clay rocks that end transparent waters. It's is surrounded by a great topography but you might need to walk a little to enjoy most of the scenic views. Small beaches are only reachable by sea. If you are looking for a nice place for lunch, try Taverna Manthos in Cape Drastis as it is open late in the touristic season. Its kitchen offers some of the best chicken I have tried on the island :

This is just a small trip idea for a day.

On the way back you can also enjoy the amazing beach of Apraos where you can walk for more than 75 meters in the sea before getting waters over your knees :-)

Also : in October you'll be fortunate to observe the amazing moon over the villa

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