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Welcome to the Seahorse Villa

What an honor to welcome you in Paradise

A photo of the pool area back in October 2019

A dream came true. That's it, I am now the official owner of what was my dream for more than a decade : a place in the sun far from all I know here in Belgium. It is a beloved secret that I would like to share with one and other. It is for you the opportunity to enjoy the best of what Corfu has to offer.

The patio area

Spring and summer 2020 are coming faster than you may think. Booking an early trip to Corfu from UK, Belgium, Germany or France can be very unexpensive if you do it early.

I'd be really happy to answer any questions you might have in the near future to help you in your future vacations plans. I won't say I am a born Corfiot, but one thing is for sure I am passionate about the island and always open to have a chat with you.

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